Hawaii Women Lawyers


HWL committees are made up of members who volunteer their time to promote membership growth, equal opportunities and improve the lives and careers of women in the legal profession in Hawaii.



The Communications Committee consists of four subcommittees:

The Membership Committee maintains a database of members for communication purposes and provides support for events to promote membership growth.

The Newsletter Committee designs and distributes a quarterly newsletter (currently by mail) to members.

The newly formed Website Committee is designing and implementing a website for membership communication and support.

The Publicity Committee sends current information on programs, events, and other matters of interest by email to members and other supporters, and also drafts and distributes press releases on HWL events of interest.



The Programs Committee consists of three subcommittees that organize and manage member events consistent with the HWL mission of improving the lives and careers of women in all aspects of the legal profession:

The Mentoring Committee organizes events that provide opportunities for experienced attorneys and judges to meet with less experienced attorneys, develop relationships, and provide guidance and mentorship.

The Education Committee organizes events that provide education that will support members in their professional and personal lives.

The Networking Committee organizes events that provide opportunities for all members to meet and get to know each other. Through these events we hope to develop a network of women in the profession to support and promote each other.



The Projects Committee consists of five subcommittees that organize and implement projects that support the community at large consistent with the HWL mission of influencing the future of the legal profession, enhancing the status of women, and promoting equal opportunities for all people.

The Community Service Committee organizes members and non-members to support community projects developed by HWL, or by other organizations such as Helping Hands Hawaii’s Ready to Learn Program, Prevent Child Abuse Hawaii, and the YWCA.

The Legislative Committee monitors legislation at the State level that may impact the lives of women and families, and provides testimony relating to such legislation.

The Gender Equity and Equality Committee provides education and informational workshops that promote social justice and equality.

The Judicial Equity Committee provides support to qualified women seeking judicial appointments or who may want to do so in the future.

The History Committee is involved in compiling and documenting the history of the organization and women in the legal profession in Hawaii.